There’s an old proverb that says if you concentrate on your strengths and work hard to improve them, success will find you. But, when we’ve accomplished that long-awaited milestone, what should be our next goal? Sure, we should establish new aims, but we must keep one thing in mind: whether our successes are related to societal gains. Repos’ success was no exception to the rule that everything begins with an idea. We started with the objective of simplifying India’s energy distribution system, and it has since expanded into a market leader, earning us the Indian National Start-up Award for our Internet of Things creation.

We began in 2017 with the goal of making a positive difference in the world. We set out to solve the most pressing issue facing the world today: global warming. And, as we were dealing with this issue, we discovered another critical situation: an imbalance in energy supply and demand. 

What we do is not difficult to comprehend. We develop cutting-edge technologies to transform the way energy is distributed throughout the country. Through this, we will have a significant impact by uniting liquid, fuel, and electric energy under one roof, making them accessible on an e-commerce platform, and delivering them through unique mobility vehicles. The use of a mobile energy distribution network to transfer old fuels would allow for the sale of newer, cleaner fuels at existing fuel retail outlets. We can contribute directly to a carbon-free future and economic success for India if we guarantee that even half of India’s retail firms are composite.

We discovered that we are catering to a staggering 83% of current B2B fuel demand while supplying diesel on wheels to help assure a low-carbon future. Following the government of India’s policy of opening the market to fuelents for doorstep diesel delivery, our goal was shared by numerous other fuel entrepreneurs looking to establish their own company and have a positive influence on the environment.

Orders began pouring in for PESO-approved mobile petrol pumps that used cutting-edge Internet of Things technology to bring the fuel station to the customers’ doorstep. Our end-to-end solutions for fuel pump enterprises include everything from DPIIT certifications to logos, mottos, and even business cards to get a mobile petrol pump company up and running.

One of them was the Bangalore-based entrepreneur, Mr A. Taranath. He was Repos’s first fuel entrepreneur during the COVID outbreak. Taranath anticipated early on that the oil and gas industry would experience massive changes in the next five to ten years as a result of favourable government policies. 

Several other fuel station owners, like Taranath, predicted that India’s per-day diesel consumption would rise from 27 crore litres in 2019 to 43 crore litres in the next decade (2029) and opted to move to doorstep diesel delivery.

“When it comes to gaining new clients via doorstep diesel delivery, there is no better option than Repos Mobile Petrol Pump.” Sky Ocean’s Vinay Singh stated. He went on to add that it was tricky for him to convince people to embrace this unique concept, but once they learned that they could now acquire diesel via an app and have it delivered to their location, just like other things, there was no turning back for him. His sales rose threefold, and his fuel business touched new heights.

Riaz Naqib from Srinagar and an HPCL dealer could not stop raving over the concept of Repos. The Repos mobile petrol pump, coupled with cutting-edge technology, has simplified the fuel delivery process, all while offering the greatest comfort and transparency to the clients when dispensing. He further mentioned how before it was tough for establishments like hospitals using DG sets to go all the way to petrol pump stations to obtain diesel and wait in lengthy lineups, wasting precious time. But now, with one request using an app, the Repos Mobile Petrol Pump can reach even the remotest spot without any hassle and fulfil the order.

Why choose mobile petrol pumps?

Our existing infrastructure of roughly 81,000 retail outlets, as well as the rate of growth of this infrastructure, is inadequate to satisfy expanding demand. The only way for Indian enterprises to continue to prosper is to put petrol pumps on wheels, while simultaneously ensuring safety, precise dispensing, and complete cost savings.

Just like Mr. Taranath, Vinay Singh, and Riyaz Naqib, 650 fuel entrepreneurs have created thriving enterprises utilising Repos throughout the country. Repos has a presence in over 177 locations and is on the path to becoming a worldwide brand. Repos’ objective has been to revolutionise the worldwide energy distribution system while also creating leaders in the process. After all, great ideas require a terrific outlet, and what could be better than technology?