Diesel at Doorstep

We believe that intense dedication is needed to do anything significant in this world. At Repos, we have dedicated our lives to a purpose that is larger than us. We are delivering diesel at the doorstep to all those who find it difficult to procure diesel from the retail outlet (Petrol pump). The conventional procurement process leads to wastage of diesel just to procure diesel leading to environmental damage due to pollution and spillages. Not to forget the time, the manpower and money that the Nation wastes on this way of procurement.

We were born in 2010 to fill a gap that prevailed in the fuel procurement market.

“How can a purchase manager procure diesel for his equipment, just at the push of a button and retain his peace of mind?” This question is what led us to streamlining the process of diesel procurement and consumption. As we grew in experience, we addressed the next logical problem, i.e., smart storage of diesel by eliminating spillage, pilferage and loss of time and money.

These smart solutions will help us solve one of the biggest problems that India faces today: Wastage of diesel to procure diesel leading to environmental damage due to pollution and spillages.


Chetan Walunj

29yrs ,Chief Executive Officer

At the age of 29 Chetan Walunj already has a very healthy experience of more than 8 years of managing Rajlaxmi Service Center(retail petrol pump). It was at the age of 21 when Chetan took over the entire management of the Fuel station. He is a hands-on job person. When coders were not sure of what to design in an App for a fuel
distribution system, Chetan himself with no knowledge of IT , conceptualized the entire App himself and made it easier for his tech team. He relishes operational challenges and believes in learning and doing what is needed to be done.

Give your 100% to every situation in hand and then life takes care of everything

Aditi Bhosale Walunj

26yrs ,Chief Strategy Officer

After being a forensics and international relations student, it was in 2015 that Aditi along with Chetan conceived the Repos dream. Today she works as a Chief strategy officer, aiming to make Repos a significant global brand . Aditi believes in keeping people at the center of everything and works tirelessly to make sure every team
member is aligned with the Repos vision. She always encourages a healthy working culture for the team to realize its full potential. She is a reader and likes to read and write in the light of a candle. Aditi loves
to meditate and believes in doing what needs to do done, joyfully.

If one works selflessly towards creating something larger that life, then one doesn’t need any external motivation.

Our Journey

Every now and then, we look back on our few firsts. Our small accomplishments.

This is what keeps our momentum going.

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