Our existence is driven by energy.

It runs our whole world.

Repos is on a mission to redefine energy distribution in order to reduce carbon footprints and push India towards a carbon light future. By building a Repos energy ecosystem, we intend to implement efficient energy distribution starting with doorstep diesel delivery.

The Repos Ecosystem

The Repos Marketplace for energy

An E-commerce of fuel platform that enbales service of fuel on Repos app and facilitates doorstep fuel delivery service for bulk consumers

The Repos IoT Campus

A state-of-art facility to reaserach, design and build innovations in energy distribution. Home of Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps that facilitate doorstep diessel delivery.


Repos Finserv - a safe and secure platform to ensure that all financial transactions for online fuel delivery are carried out hassle free and easily

StartUp Launchpad

One stop solutions platform that takes care of all your Startup requirements right from startup incorporation to getting it ready for the online fuel delivery market, to ensure successful business for you.

Who we are?

We are a community of like-minded people who believe in the magic and power of a simple word, YES, to redefine energy distribution starting with doorstep fuel delivery.

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The Magic of Yes

It all started with a dream. A belief that you have the power to change your destiny. We, too, began with a dream: to transform India's energy distribution system. While on the journey, we met many other dreamers who shared our vision and ambitions, and slowly we grew from few to many.
The journey was not without its difficulties and long nights, but we persevered.
Because you can either postpone your dreams or make them a reality.

Recognitions & Achivements

Here are some of the platforms that have recognized our achievements.

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