Our existence is driven by energy.

It runs our whole world.

Repos focuses on redefining fuel distribution to reduce carbon footprints to push India towards a carbon light future. By building a Repos ecosystem we try to implement an efficient fuel delivery system.

The Repos Ecosystem


The Repos Marketplace– an e-commerce platform where we make sure getting fuel delivered at your doorstep through an app is an easy process.


The Repos IoT Campus – an extraordinary place where excellent and efficient innovations are born! The IoT center is also our design lab and RnD studio for our upcoming innovations in energy distribution.


Repos FinServ – a smart and secure platform where transactions are made efficient and safe. We strive to provide you financial services that are hassle-free and graced with the best technology.


We create a platform for you where we get your start-up registered, get it market ready, and also get it the right financial assistance. The Repos Start-up launchpad is a one stop solution for your problems.

Who we are?

We are a community of like-minded people who believe in the magic and power of a simple word - YES!

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Fuelled by Yes

We find our energy in one simple YES. We find it intriguing, how can a tiny word be packed with such a massive load of positivity and motivation!
At Repos, Yes is a World!

Recognitions & Achivements

Here are some of the platforms that have recognized our achievements.

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