Make Doorstep Diesel Delivery

Possible With Repos Model Beta

Make Doorstep diesel delivery possible with repos model beta

Grow Your Diesel Delivery Business With Repos Model Beta

Repos Mobile Petrol Pump model Beta is specially designed for consumers who use diesel from 100 to 1000 liters.

Fuels, like diesel, is consumed by hotels, hospitals, industries, and residential complexes everyday in varying amounts.

This innovative and compact model allows you to reach to even the most distant places in your petrol pump area.

PESO Approved Model Beta travels across India

With the growing demand of diesel in India, it is important for all petrol pump owners to reach as many diesel consumers in the country as possible.

Mobile fuel dispenser helps you to deliver any fuel to consumers’ doorstep and grow your business.

With mobile dispensing unit – model Beta, it is possible for you to cater to these varying needs and grow sales on your petrol pump retail office.


Choose Doorstep Energy Delivery. Choose Repos.

Repos Mobile Petrol Pump - Model Beta In Action!