Make Doorstep Diesel Delivery

Possible With Repos Model Beta

Make Doorstep diesel delivery possible with repos model beta

Grow Your Diesel Delivery Business With Repos Model Beta

Repos Mobile Petrol Pump model Beta is specially designed for consumers who use diesel from 100 to 1000 liters.

Fuels, like diesel, is consumed by hotels, hospitals, industries, and residential complexes everyday in varying amounts.

This innovative and compact model allows you to reach to even the most distant places in your petrol pump area.

PESO Approved Model Beta travels across India

With the growing demand of diesel in India, it is important for all petrol pump owners to reach as many diesel consumers in the country as possible.

Mobile fuel dispenser helps you to deliver any fuel to consumers’ doorstep and grow your business.

With mobile dispensing unit – model Beta, it is possible for you to cater to these varying needs and grow sales on your petrol pump retail office.


Choose Doorstep Energy Delivery. Choose Repos.

Repos Mobile Petrol Pump - Model Beta In Action!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Repos Energy?

Repos Energy is a startup that provides the Doorstep diesel delivery service for bulk consumers of diesel like Industries and Businesses.

What is Doorstep diesel delivery?

Doorstep diesel delivery is delivery of diesel at a chosen address by Industries and Businesses.

Is Doorstep diesel delivery legal in India?

Yes, owing to the new policy on doorstep diesel delivery by the Petroleum ministry (GOI), it is legal in India provided that all the PESO norms are conformed to.

Who can start this business?

This business can be started by Petrol Pump dealers after securing necessary licenses from PESO and Oil Marketing companies. It can also be started by common Indian citizens after conforming to necessary regulations.

Is doorstep diesel delivery safe?

Yes, doorstep diesel delivery is extremely safe as diesel is transported only by PESO approved vehicles (Bowser) and as all the safety norms are practiced while making a delivery.

What is a Repos Mobile Petrol Pump ?

It is a special purpose vehicle that transports and delivers diesel at the location of the customer and is licensed and approved by PESO to carry out this operation.

Can you deliver it directly to my car?

No, as the Government policy allows the diesel delivery only for Industries(bulk consumers), the delivery cannot be made for a car.

How does the payment work?

Payment can be made against the delivery by credit card, debit card or online banking.

Do you deliver only Diesel or petrol as well?

Currently this service is available only for diesel delivery. For various safety reasons the Government policy does not allow doorstep delivery of petrol for now.

How do you ensure the quantity and quality of diesel delivered?

A small kit is provided with every delivery vehicle (Bowser) which can be used by the customer to ensure the quality and quantity of the diesel at the time of delivery.

How much time does it normally take for doorstep delivery?

The delivery time depends upon factors like chosen delivery address and the distance of the delivery providing vehicle.

How is diesel delivery carried out?

As soon as a customer place an order for diesel on the app the same is registered at our back end and the order is assigned to the nearest service provider. The service provider that accepts the order carries out the diesel delivery to the customer’s chosen address.

What is PESO?

Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) is an agency under Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry that sets policies and looks after transportation of petroleum and explosive products and the safety norms that need to be observed.

Can I track my diesel delivery?

As the delivery vehicles (Bowser) are GPS enabled, every customer can track the live location of their delivery on an application.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes, as soon as the delivery is done an invoice is generated in the name of the customer on the app along with a hard copy of the invoice at the time of delivery.

Will I get order history?

Yes, customers can access their order history on the app.

What is DATUM?

DATUM is a diesel data and management tool that acts as a mini fuel station for diesel consumers and can be placed right at the consumption site. It helps bulk consumers with 24×7 diesel availability and all diesel data accessibility. A Repos Mobile Petrol Pump can refill the DATUM as and when needed to ensure an uninterrupted diesel supply.

How does Doorstep diesel delivery benefit my company?

Doorstep diesel delivery is not only convenient and safe for Industries, but it also saves considerable amount of money by obviating losses such as dead mileage, spillage, pilferages and loss of valuable
man-hours. Thus, it helps companies in cutting their diesel bills.

Is this service available across India?

Currently this service is available in more than 300 cities in India through 2000+ Repos partners.

How does this benefit India?

Doorstep diesel delivery solution helps companies avoid wastage of fuel thus making companies Industries and businesses more profitable. Cutting out wastage of fuel also helps in reduction in Carbon emissions and fuel savings can potentially save billions of dollars of FOREX every year.

Is the Diesel Available on credit?

Yes, you can get credit on the diesel through the ICICI fuel card. To apply for the card (We can give an Active AI link here) click on the link. To know more about the fuel card please reach out to us on (We van provide email ID or Phone number or both over here) 

Which OMC dealer will deliver the diesel?

Dealers from all the OMC’s (BPCL, HPCL, IOCL, Shell, Reliance) who have these special purpose vehicles for the delivery can deliver the diesel at your doorstep.

What is the minimum order quantity of Diesel?

The minimum order quantity of diesel is 100 liters.

At what maximum height can the RPP deliver?

5-6 feet

At what rate is diesel sold?

The diesel is sold at rates decided by OMC, which may vary from state to cities and even within different areas of the city. However, convenience charges may apply based on the quantity ordered and the distance from the pump.

What is the difference between HSD (High Speed Diesel) and Diesel?

High Speed Diesel is the technical term for diesel, it’s the same normal diesel sold on the pumps.

Do I get any referral points?

The referral option for DATUM as a product is available subject to terms and conditions.