Technology has made our lives easier and our future a lot better. One of the technological upgrades which directly helped us in upgrading our living standards is the concept of doorstep delivery. Earlier it was only food, clothes, groceries, or essentials that could be delivered to the doorstep. But now, even energy is being delivered online with Diesel being the first petroleum product to reach its end-users.

Now that you have an option of doorstep diesel delivery, your business would no longer suffer from your absence.

But why exactly do you need doorstep diesel delivery?

When someone needs diesel for business purposes, they go to the petrol pump, stand in long queues and then fetch diesel in Jerry Cans. Or if more diesel is needed, petrol pump owners help the customers by delivering diesel via Bowsers. But none of these ways is safe to use for carrying Petroleum products.

These time-taking steps not only create a hurdle for the person responsible for procurement but also lead to various wastage:

  • Financial loss due to pilferage
  • Dead Mileage due to adulterated diesel
  • Man-hour loss
  • Monetary loss due to Spillage 
  • Loss of natural resource

According to current needs, it is estimated that the World’s Energy demand is going to go up by at least 25% by 2040. And India is the third-largest consumer of Diesel followed by the USA and China. In such a scenario, to fulfil these growing needs, we must make judicious use of the natural resources available to us today so that the future generation does not fall short of the same.

As a solution to all these losses, Repos pioneered the concept of Doorstep Diesel Delivery, the first step towards the future. Right now, Repos is working towards empowering people by giving them a solution which is no less than a miracle. A solution which is simple, safe and sophisticated.

By putting advanced technologies like IoT and Artificial Intelligence to optimum utilisation, Repos seeks to increase productivity at an individual level and the national level as well. 

Helping out businesses and Industries, in energy procurement and sustainability with robust and smart energy platforms, we aim to upgrade the way India functions. Repos is here to make our world a better place to live in, and years to look forward to!

Here’s what our solution of Doorstep Diesel Delivery benefits you:

  • Convenience

What could be better than getting whatever amount of diesel delivered wherever you want just by clicking a few clicks on your smartphone using the Repos App? What can be more convenient? 

Nothing, right? And not just that but you can also track where your diesel is, keeping you informed and updated. 

Thus, Doorstep Diesel Delivery provides you with a lot of convenience and ease in your business, and zeroes your worries! 

  • Transparency

Doorstep Diesel Delivery provides you transparency in your transaction as you get a lot of various security checks while the diesel is delivered to you. Thus, their transparency of what you are getting delivered at a cost, where is your diesel, the legalities, or even your time requirements. 

Now that you have a solution, which is Doorstep Diesel Delivery, to your problems, you can now get to know its components better – 

I.  Repos Mobile Application: One-stop destination where you meet numerous sellers

A tech platform that aggregates the customers and the service providers on a single platform and makes use of smart technologies like Artificial Intelligence to take care of efficient energy distribution.

II. Tech-based logistics service: To Make Doorstep Diesel Delivery a reality

Smart IoT products like Repos Mobile Petrol Pump facilitates the logistics of future energy distribution. It’s a tech-smart vehicle that is technologically integrated to the entire ecosystem. Designed with the most skilful engineers, it shall help your business in reaching heights like never before.

To help you in understanding the concept better, let’s tell you how Repos Mobile Petrol Pump helps in Doorstep Diesel Delivery: 

Repos Mobile Petrol Pump: A Tech-smart Petrol Pump on Wheels 

We are introducing a new era where fuel stations are now given wheels and technology drives them with minimal expenses. Using design-thinking in the best possible way, an exact replica of fuel stations but now with an advanced touch of engineering and technology is designed, known as the Repos Mobile Petrol Pump, the voice of innovation.

It is integrated with smart technologies like the Internet of things (IoT) which facilitate the automated doorstep delivery of fuel. The technology is used in such a way that it takes care of all the needs of a safe and robust fuel delivery operation. 

Repos Mobile Petrol Pump  is a voice of innovation, which makes the age-old problems vanish.

Repos Mobile Petrol Pump: Your rescuer helping you save money, time and human life:

Diesel feeds the businesses all around the world, which implies that its quality decides the age of machines it is fed into. This is taken care by Repos Mobile Petrol Pump which ensures that your machines have a healthy lifespan and makes sure that the diesel delivered to the end-users has the right density and pure quality.  

The possibilities of this innovative technology are infinite. Because Doorstep Diesel Delivery through Repos Mobile Petrol Pump saved hundreds and lakhs of people from starving. When the world was at a standstill, it served people with the basic necessities. RMPP delivered diesel right at the doorsteps of hospitals, residential societies, rural areas, government organisations and extended a helping hand to people in need.

Repos Mobile Petrol Pump continued delivering fuel when the whole nation was locked down during the pandemic. Also, when the Odisha coast was hit with Cyclone Foni, leaving lakhs of people unsheltered, it was the Repos Mobile Petrol Pump that fuelled the rescue vehicles and ferries. In the times when no retail outlets were operational, our superhero went on numerous missions so that people at least sleep peacefully. Similarly, when the Sangli and Kolhapur districts of Maharashtra faced the cruelty of flood, it was Repos Mobile Petrol Pump which fuelled the vehicles for rescue operations so that the people, stray animals could be saved and fed. 

Therefore, Doorstep Diesel Delivery proves to be a breakthrough concept which promises to build a beautiful future for the generations to come. A concept which has the potential to change the world, indeed!