Today the whole world is moving towards a convenience-based economy where services have taken the front seat. A Forbes study shows that approximately 52% of people are ready to pay higher for good service. So how does this connect to the fuel industry where we are used to seeing products as stand-alone outputs? 

India uses 27 crore litres of diesel on a daily basis out of which a very small percentage goes into fuelling private cars. The rest (almost a whopping 85%) is used by industries that need diesel in bulk. These industries include manufacturing, infrastructure, hospitality, mining, housing, IT, etc. Bulk consumers of diesel cannot travel to the petrol pump the same way private car owners do in order to procure fuel. Due to the lack of an organised fuel distribution system, they are stuck with outdated methods of fuel procurement that engage manpower needlessly and make use of improper receptacles like unsafe tankers, barrels and jerry cans to get fuel. Bulk consumers of diesel face many losses due to this and ultimately part with money and peace of mind! 

The gap between the supply and demand for fuel is evident, and the only way to tackle it is through an organised mobile distribution network of energy. This is where the Repos solution comes into the picture. Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps are the latest innovation in the mobile energy distribution industry. These PESO – approved, technologically advanced special purpose vehicles are innovations that are capable of bringing the petrol pump experience right to the consumer’s doorstep. Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps are available in two varieties: Model Alpha and Model Beta. 

Repos’s latest offering, The 3000 L Model Beta has already created a stir in the petrol pump industry. With its 100 to 1000 L delivery capacity, it captures a majority of the diesel demand market in the country. It is a tool for petrol pump owners to grow their business exponentially while keeping up with the needs of the advancing consumer market. 

Following are five reasons why Model Beta is considered the best investment that petrol pump owners could make: 

  1. Small investment: The Model Beta Repos Mobile Petrol Pump starts at an attractive cost that is sure to sound too good to be true! Petrol pump owners can add a Model Beta mobile petrol pump to their existing business at less than 1/10th the capital expense and 1/4th the operational expense that goes into a traditional petrol pump. Now petrol pump owners can expand their customer base and earn profits by catering to doorstep diesel delivery orders.
  1. Big returns: Market study shows that an average traditional petrol pump sells approximately 150 KL every month. Compared to that, the Model Beta is capable of a monthly output of 100 KL, giving the petrol pump owners to increase their sales by upto 66.66% overnight!
  1. Unbelievably short payback period: Model Beta owners can charge a handsome service fee per litre of diesel delivered at doorstep. This allows them to recover the cost of their investment in as little as 10.5 months. Isn’t that something? To understand this better, let us take a look at the breakdown of the unit economics involved in the Beta business model. 

Assuming that the Model Beta – Repos Mobile Petrol Pump is operational for 30 days and makes sales of 2,000 Litres a day, it has to part with the below-mentioned amount on a monthly basis: 

  1. Fuel Expenses of 23,000 a month
  2. Driver Salary of 20,000 a month
  3. Maintenance of 6,000 a month

Keeping the above statistics in mind, Model Beta payback period in relation to the service fee charged is as below:

Service Fee (per litre)Payback Period (months)
INR 028 Months
INR 0.224 Months
INR 0.520 Months
INR 115 Months
INR 1.512.4 Months
INR 210.5 Months
  1. Sustained growth: India’s diesel demand will not go down abruptly despite the influx of CNG and EV vehicles. In fact, India currently has approximately 80,000 petrol pumps and plans to add another 60,000 to cater to its rising demand. This poses a threat to existing petrol pump owners as their market could get divided among new competitors. The Model Beta – Repos Mobile Petrol Pump can act as a solution for offsetting this risk by offering a mechanism to existing petrol pump owners to cater to the growing demand using mobile refuellers.
  1. A step towards the future: The world is moving towards a carbon-neutral future, which means that clean energies are going to become a part of the fuel mix. Shifting diesel out of the petrol pumps and onto mobile petrol pumps will free up space in existing petrol pumps to accommodate newer forms of energies (LNG, CNG, electric, etc) and thus become Composite Retail Outlets

Before we wind up:

Model – Beta Repos Mobile Petrol Pump is one of the foremost innovations in the energy distribution sector. It is designed for trifold benefits: for the petrol pump owner, diesel buyers, and the environment. For the petrol pump owners, Model Beta is a one-stop for unimaginable business growth. So why stick to selling fuel at retail price from the comfort of the petrol pump, when the whole world can now be your market!