We have all come across advertisements for supposed miracle products that claim to solve a multitude of problems with one effective concoction. Moisturisers that tackle the entire range of skin problems or house-paint that is resistant to natural elements as well as the carefree scribbles of young children. With Doorstep Diesel Delivery, the objective is to collectively solve all the problems faced by the consumers who need to transport diesel in bulk. Additionally, with DDD, we have the technology to deliver tangible results and the data to prove it.

Doorstep Diesel Delivery


Time is money for anyone who values efficiency. A bulk-diesel consumer is often forced to engage his own vehicle and manpower to procure diesel from petrol pumps and waste useful hours in the process. With DDD, the required amount of diesel can be ordered with the click of a phone application and the consumer can rest in peace knowing that superior grade diesel in the correct quantity will reach his doorstep.


We know of the existence of black diesel either through the news or via lived experiences of procuring it. Bunk owners have come under the scanner of the police time and again for selling pilfered diesel on the black market. If there is a consignment for 3000 litres, only about 2800 litres reach the customer. Retail outlets, middlemen or the customer’s own manpower may cut the delivery short and direct it towards immoral dealers. These dealers then sell the fuel which has been subsidised by the government at unsubsidised rates and make profits. DDD brings diesel directly from the retail outlet to the customer and the amount of diesel delivered can be physically observed with the help of the digital dispenser. This assured the consumer that he is getting his money’s worth of the product.


Diesel transported in bowsers, barrels and jerry cans can be adulterated because of the usage of unclean vessels. This has serious implications. Diesel adulteration can cause engine problems which could even lead to engine failure. It also causes difficulty in starting, high fuel consumption and low fuel spraying rate in the combustion chamber. One aspect of adulteration is also the higher rate of particulate matter emission that harms the environment drastically. DDD uses mobile petrol pumps that are specially designed to transport diesel and are protected against adulterants, thus insuring the consumer’s machines against premature wear and tear and reducing the burden on the environment.

Using illegal methods of diesel procurement is never a good idea. It could lead to loss of reputation for a consumer’s brand. Moreover, any accidents that occur during the transportation process will not be covered by insurance. Mobile petrol pumps used for DDD are PESO approved (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation of India) and are the only legal method of getting diesel transported conveniently to your doorstep.