India’s appetite for diesel reaches a whopping 28 crore litres every single day. With such massive volumes, one would expect the diesel supply chain to be a well-oiled, automated process, like ordering food on a smartphone app. Right?

Well, the reality paints a different picture.

The diesel market is severely unstructured, riddled with inefficiencies, and lacks technological integration.

The biggest challenges facing India’s diesel market

Firstly, given the limited access to technology in the diesel market, procurement, storage, management, and distribution of diesel present significant challenges. 

Then, there is a lack of accountability. Verbal agreements dominate the supply chain, leaving room for errors and wastage. There is no one entity that can take accountability for diesel waste. 

Besides, manual feedback often replaces reliable data. Businesses rely on the goodwill and word of the parties involved in the supply chain to know the status of their diesel – from purchase to delivery. This further leads to reduced visibility in operations – especially if you have multiple locations to look after.

So, how do these challenges affect your business?

If you are currently grappling with diesel-related issues, you are not alone! 

Many businesses face hurdles in areas associated with diesel purchases, quality and quantity checks, and overall wastage.

So, it is no surprise that a typical business that uses diesel loses around 5% of fuel in the process of procurement to consumption. All of this – due to inefficient diesel management. 

But what’s surprising is that this loss is often accepted as an unavoidable part of the business. Businesses have factored the loss of diesel in the cost of doing business because they look at it as collateral damage. 

Sounds familiar? 

What’s the solution to diesel waste?

The dire need to restructure diesel operations with technology has led to the emergence of a groundbreaking solution—DATUM, the diesel analytics tool. 

This technological solution offers a complete 360° visibility of your on-ground diesel operations, from procurement to consumption, putting the power of data-driven decision-making in your hands.

But what is DATUM – Diesel Analytics?

DATUM is a first-of-its-kind technology designed to digitalize and optimize diesel operations. It provides real-time data on the quantity and consumption of diesel.  The IoT-enabled solution ensures you get accurate and reliable information on your diesel inventory and distribution – all available at your fingertips through a user-friendly app.

Data + integration + visualization = empowered decision-making

With DATUM, you gain access to 

  • a centralized dashboard
  • an efficient inventory management system
  • simplified order management
  • distribution monitoring system
  • streamlined payment management
  • a vehicle monitoring system

—all within one platform. 

This powerful combination empowers businesses to identify opportunities for cost efficiency, minimize operational errors, optimize distribution systems, and ensure 100% accountability across all diesel operations.

Who can use DATUM – diesel analytics?

Quite simply, if you use diesel, DATUM is for you. If you want to get accountability in all areas of your diesel operations, DATUM – diesel analytics is for you.  From transportation and real estate to infrastructure, manufacturing, schools, hospitals, mining, and IT parks—DATUM’s benefits extend across diverse industries. It caters to fleets of all sizes, multi-site projects, highway and railway operations, commercial vehicles, heavy machinery, and critical power backup systems.

DATUM is a flagship solution of Repos’ fuel tech platform. With a careful understanding of on-ground operations and innovation, the technology has revolutionized the diesel operations of industry giants such as Shapoorji Pallonji and VRL Logistics Limited. The technology has also empowered 300+ businesses to enhance cost efficiency, optimize operations, and anticipate diesel requirements from anywhere.

Say goodbye to the days of diesel wastage and inefficiency. Embrace DATUM—the game-changer in diesel analytics that empowers businesses with data-driven decisions and seamless integration. Fuel efficiency in your operations is no longer a distant dream—it’s a reality with DATUM!

Ready to join the revolution and streamline your diesel operations? The power of DATUM – diesel analytics awaits you.