If you are a consumer who likes to get his money’s worth for any given product and also values time and the environment, Doorstep Diesel Delivery (DDD) is just the thing for you!

Doorstep Diesel Delivery

Necessity is the mother of invention. Early man created the wheel to solve the problem of transportation. Over time, new inventions revolutionised human life to such an extent that it seemed like the world would come to a standstill without their existence. Now we have nearly all the tools necessary to keep the earth functioning. However, two challenges that we continue to face are that of efficiency and adaptation. The early man invented the wheel. Something that started as a cross section of a tree trunk evolved into a highly efficient entity made of metal alloys and rubber polymers. In future, where the possibility of the unthinkable exists, we may have to come up with something that will make the current version of the wheel obsolete while replacing it with something that will be more in keeping with the needs of the times.

Are you someone who consumes diesel in bulk? What if I tell you that you have been relying on wooden wheels all this time while being completely unaware that a better option exists?

Diesel is one of the top fuel sources that keep the world running. Even though there are environmental implications of using fossil fuels, our current infrastructure will not allow us to transition into cleaner energy sources immediately. Until that happens, it is our responsibility to use diesel sensibly.

India is one of the top diesel consumers in the world. In 2020, India consumed over 88.2 billion litres of diesel. Out of this figure, only a small proportion went into fuelling personal transportation. Most of the diesel we consume goes into commercial usage, powering sources like generators for residential and commercial buildings, manufacturing industries, heavy machinery etc. Even though diesel has always been widely available for us to use, the ways to bring that diesel from the source to the end user has been a road riddled with hazards and inefficiency. At places where diesel is required in large quantities, bowsers (unsafe fabricated tankers), jerry cans, barrels etc. are used to bring the diesel from the fuel station to the user. This is not only illegal but also dangerous and inefficient.

DDD as a concept is as simple as it sounds. Just as a single click on the phone can bring commodities and services like food, clothing, basic necessities and essential workers to your doorstep, DDD can transform your current way of diesel-procurement by bringing superior quality diesel to your doorstep without you having to worry about a single thing!

Imagine that a click on an app could bring your required quantity of unadulterated diesel directly to your doorstep without you having to send to your own vehicle and manpower. A petrol pump on wheels that is approved by PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation, Government of India) that has the capacity to reach any corner of the fuel-consuming world. The delivery vehicle that will come to your door will be state of the art, equipped with the technology to monitor the exact quality and quantity of the diesel. This will eliminate the possibility of adulteration and pilferage that may occur from using vessels that may have been unclean or carrying other fluids prior to carrying diesel, or manpower that you do not completely trust.

Imagine a world where the phenomenon of losing a percentage of the oil that disappears in transit because middlemen siphon off considerable quantities of diesel to sell on the black market is not a normal occurrence, and each drop of diesel is accounted for. With DDD all of this is possible.

DDD is a revolutionary new way of transporting the available diesel which will not only save costs and provide peace of mind to the consumer but also help him contribute to environmental restoration. It is essentially the same as progressing from wooden wheels to its superior, efficient version.