The adage “Good things come in small packages” has proven to be relevant for most of us in our course of life but for people in Repos, it literally comes to life with a particular person. Our next featured face for the #hauslajunoon story is best known for her unwavering skill, undying determination and unmatched love for reading. We are talking about our very own Ishita Mishra from the finance team. 


Ishita had a big question mark on her face when we said that her story goes next in the #hauslajunoon section. She responded without any delay, “But, Why me?” However, we knew in our hearts that what this 22-year-old has in herself many veterans would not have in them at the height of her profession. When we asked her what it takes to be motivated and come to the office every day with the same energy, without even the tiniest frown on her face? She grinned and continued, “The concept that Repos is attempting to create a nation in a sustainable way, and I can contribute to this noble pursuit even though my contributions are minuscule, is itself a big reason to love what I get to do.”

Was foraying into this role always in her cards? “Yes, definitely. I wanted to be a part of a product development division that oversees all initial planning from start to finish. I’m happy that I actively participated in all of the procedures’ execution that resulted in the simplification of our product financing. All my learnings here in Repos are going to help me achieve my ultimate goal.”

Ultimate goal! Okay? What is the one dream keeping you from falling asleep?  “For me, it has to be working for the Indian government and introducing innovative policies that can deal with the depressing realities of the outside world. Make changes at the grassroots level to improve their lives and make the comforts that were once considered fundamental no longer a prized fantasy for them.”

She had me in awe of how she saw the world, and I knew immediately that she is going places, but I was also curious: “What if you face setbacks, how do you deal with those roadblocks if you encounter them?”

“Roadblocks are a given in any job”, she shoots back, “but one thing that sets you apart is your intention. If your intention is noble and pure and your idea is to succeed, I think even the universe works for you and with you. Because what else are you going to do, you either give up or you stay put. I’ll always choose the latter at the drop of a hat.”

Ishita is an avid reader and a fan of Haruki Murakami. When she isn’t taking client calls, you might find her curled up with a book.

To end on a lovely note, I asked Ishita about her comfort food and what indulgence she would happily give in. To which she smiled and gently replied: “We all scream for Ice cream.”.