Today, we’ll like to share with you, a new concept which is soon to become a key concept in Diesel procurement in India, and across the world. Earlier, when someone needed diesel for business purposes, they’d go to the petrol pump, stand in the long queues and then fetch diesel in Jerry Cans. Or if more diesel is needed, petrol pump owners would help the customers by delivering diesel via Bowsers. We know it must have been a sob-story for many because bowsers are like a short-term solution for a consistent problem and they barely assure the safety of your petroleum product. Consequently, Repos found a breakthrough solution to the age-old problems faced by the ends of both supply and demand. Now the time has evolved, so has our way of living.

The petrol pump owners are now offered an alternative to bowsers which were unsafe to deliver petroleum products and illegal, at the same time. The new way is called the Repos Mobile Petrol Pump (RMPP) which is safe, approved by PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation). It is loaded with features like Geo-Fencing, Brake Interlock System, ATG Sensors, which not only help in reducing carbon emissions but prevent pilferage and diesel wastage. RMPP promotes Doorstep Diesel Delivery while keeping safety as its prime focus.  

Now if you ask us for what is the difference between a bowser and the Repos Mobile Petrol Pump.. we will say, RMPP is the safest, most effective and tech-intelligent machine, for starters. On the other hand, a bowser is a tanker which comes with a manually-operated dispensing unit. 

Honestly, there’s no other way which is more technically-sophisticated than the RMPP for diesel delivery.

Don’t believe us? Let us show you how:

  1. RMPP has double dispensing-units while a Bowser has none. But why do you require two dispensing units at all? You don’t need our answer if you can imagine a problematic dispensing unit unable to dispense diesel and the hassle you’d have to go through since your vehicle is at standby. Also, you won’t have to worry about the Drive-out location now, since both the sides offer you to dispense diesel.
  1. RMPP only dispenses diesel in a Geo-fenced area while a bowser ensures no safety of your fuel. It’s an essential feature which enables you to dispense diesel only within a certain radius, i.e. a virtual fence. No doubt, it increases your fuel’s safety manifold. 
  1. RMPP is supplemented with Brake-Interlock System, i.e. while diesel is being dispensed, the RMPP does not move, preventing any kind of accident or asset damage.
  2. RMPP is controlled by Repos IoT (Internet of Things) Controller. It is like the brain of the machine. It notifies the Mobile Petrol Pump owners about the delivery on a real-time basis, making the process efficient. But a bowser has no controller or technologically-driven device. 
  3. ATG sensors ( Automated Tank Gauge) and Density Sensors in the RMPP inform about the level of the fuel in the tank and notifies about fuel quality in the RMPP, respectively while a Bowser can never be trusted as it doesn’t warn about adulterations or quantity of fuel, posing a threat to the end-users’ machines.
  1.  Repos Mobile Petrol Pump is crafted by expert engineers and skilful designers to make it visually sophisticated and functionally efficient at the same time. Whereas building a bowser is nothing more than fabricating a tanker.

Hence, RMPP does everything that a Bowser does, that is, deliver diesel at the doorsteps, but a Bowser does nothing that an RMPP is capable of doing.

What’s more, every RMPP trip to deliver diesel gives peace to your heart and relief to your mind while ensuring that safety is not compromised in the name of convenience!