Every one of us has memories of the time before the world had come to a halt, of going out to our favorite dim-lit restaurant, or the malls bejeweled with every possible color of light, and oh… going out to the movie theatres for the first day, first show when the much-awaited movie made it to the big screen. However, the pandemic brought a change in our lives that we couldn’t have ever dreamt. Malls, restaurants, adventure parks are being missed but our lives have not come to a halt. Have they? 

We’ve happily found alternatives to our entertainment while the necessities are supplied to us over a click on our smartphones.  

But what exactly fuels these essential services and goods to make our lives easier? 

It’s diesel. Right from feeding the state transportation to shipping lines, mining & quarrying to manufacturing units, agriculture sector to residential societies, every industry needs diesel to make it to the end-users. These reasons make diesel the most vital fuel and something we must use wisely for our future generations to reap its benefits for a longer time. Also, no other fuel or resource seems to replace diesel in the near future, a fuel that takes almost 100 million years to form, that too in specific environmental conditions. It gives us one solid reason to not use it frivolously.  

This thought of helping our environment in breathing safe made us bring into existence an entity which believes in doing than speaking. An entity named Repos innovated a solution which is the most energy-efficient way to transport diesel. It is called the Repos Mobile Petrol Pump. A solution which is more than a machine. A solution which helps in reducing carbon footprints, minimizing spillages, Global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and in increasing fuel economy by employing built-in gauges and sensors.  Since the diesel doorstep delivery by RMPP serves 5-6 customers in one trip, it reduces dead mileage to a great extent. Therefore, it’s evident that this radical step towards saving our naturally-sourced fuels power the development of our nation. Repos Mobile Petrol Pump, a voice of innovation is indeed committed to make our world a better place to live. 

Repos is dedicated to crafting new-age solutions to reduce air pollution and environmental damage. By creating a platform which ensures safe transportation of diesel to its end-users, we are motivated to light up your lives. We are relentlessly working for you to make the malls a little more vibrant, your favorite restaurants a tad cozier, your homes a warm haven for you to come back to, and our Earth a safer place for the future generations to dream and prosper. 

It is Repos’ way of helping the future generations be at peace. What’s yours?