Walking right out of college and entering straight into a dream, Naveena had a head start on her brand new career with Repos. When we chose her story for the next feature at #HauslaJunoon edition, Naveena Auhula, the Associate Lead of the Accounts team, shyly remarked that there was nothing remarkable about her story, but we knew in our bones that she could motivate many young women who aspire to succeed in the world of men.

As an accounting intern who joined Repos, Naveena created a brand new team with no one to answer to or benchmark against. After three years, she was able to oversee the entire team thanks to the founders of Repos, who took the time to educate her on the ins and outs of the profession. As Naveena said, “I had arrived as an intern here when there was no one to assist this department, but soon, with the help of my seniors and founders, I began learning the various organisational accounting that may expedite multiple operations.”

She worked the first few months with no theoretical knowledge and with almost no experience in the accounting field, but she learned at the speed of light and caught the attention of the founders, and rose to prominence.

“I come from a lower middle-class household, and although we occasionally had to pay for pleasures, my father always made sure that we prioritised our education. I received my diploma and started working for Repos. Every day, I drive 13 kilometers to go to work through heavy traffic, but as I arrive at the office, I realise that this is my happy spot and the place I want to be. I interact with my coworkers, carry out my work honestly, and enjoy an evening cup of tea in the workplace with my loved ones. “

When we asked her what inspires her to come to work every day, she replied without wasting a second, “the concept that we are working towards developing a carbon neutral nation and taking our products to the next level for the whole world to see and wonder. In addition, I am the first female in my family to pursue a corporate profession. Even if our careers were encouraged, my parents were afraid of the labour and the climb up the corporate ladders. However, as soon as I joined Repos, they realised that this is a different culture, where everyone is focused on making India into a powerhouse while reducing carbon emissions. “