Here is a humble request to businesses across India that run on fuel. We want them to stop worrying today!

We know that fuel is an important asset that determines the success of many businesses like infrastructure, transport, industries, tours & travels, hospitality, emergency, waste management, RMCs, stone crushers and so many more… We do not want these businesses to lose sleep worrying about fuel availability, quality or safety. So we make them a promise- 

Leave your fuel worries to us. We will make sure that you have the right quantity and quality of fuel at your disposal when you need it.

The true power of a nation lies in its ability to stay functioning even in the face of adversities. India is currently the third largest consumer of oil in the world. Even though fuel is available for use, it is not the most easily accessible. This is why consumers of fuel have to waste hours on making calls, coordinating, and assessing the quality and quantity of fuel. There is no consolidated system that brings together the source and the end user of fuel, thus filling the supply demand gap for fuel. If necessities like food, clothes, medicines and so much more is available on app, why should fuel stay behind? There is a long list of problems associated with the fuel industry like transportation, abundant pilferage and adulteration as well as safety issues. The industries of a country play an important role in solidifying its position as a powerful nation.

In such a scenario, is India truly powerful?

Petroleum products are as much a curse as they are a boon when we take the environment into consideration. However, the present infrastructure does not support the complete elimination of fossil fuels. India uses over 28 crore litres of diesel daily and almost 85% of it goes into fuelling the commercial sector industries. Out of this, 5-10% of the fuel is wasted in spillage, dead mileage, and pilferage caused by middlemen. This leads to huge monetary losses for business owners. 

The inconveniences faced by consumers make a list that has no end. Visiting the petrol pump is a nightmare in large cities because it takes a lot of time to get their fuel orders served. People who consume fuel in bulk have to waste manpower and money on procuring fuel which may be either adulterated or partially pilfered. To add to that, there is no common platform from which a consumer can fulfil his or her fuel needs with peace of mind. How will these problems be solved?

All the aforementioned questions have a single, simplistic solution that is nothing short of a movement that will change the way the country looks at fuel. The solution is a common platform that offers all forms of energy, be it liquid, gaseous, or electric, at the single click of an app and delivers it to the consumer’s doorstep using an efficient mobile energy distribution network. 

The Repos Platform will provide a consolidated network that will cut out the wastage of fuel by making the process of fuel procurement and consumption simple and hassle free. This will be a platform where buyers and sellers can meet and make informed decisions that suit them. A system which, in the future, can smoothly transition to greener fuel options without having to rely on infrastructure. This will not only propel the country towards growth and power but also make the much needed changes required to support a greener, cleaner environment. 

This platform is designed to bring convenience to business owners and give them full power over their businesses. So we are geared to keep our promise to businesses across the country- Leave all your fuel worries to us, now and forever.