“Take up one idea and make that one idea your life—think of it, dream of it, live on that idea.” -Swami Vivekananda.

To make a change in a process that no one has ever questioned requires a revolutionary idea. That is exactly what I felt when I entered the IoT campus of Repos Energy on the 18th of December to see the manifestation of a dream that began with an idea to make it possible.

Some ideas start with a dream, a desire to improve the world with a unique thought, such as the one that struck Chetan Walunj and Aditi Bhosale Walunj about transforming India’s energy distribution system. They set out a plan that can make this planet a better place by minimizing its carbon footprint. The first step in this quest was putting energy on wheels and making it available to everyone.

The ‘Make It Possible’ campaign began with the objective of accomplishing a task that everyone had dismissed even before evaluating its merit. The idea is to transform the fuel distribution system in India by bridging the gap between the supply and demand of current fuels.  The mission is to bring all fuels be it gas, liquid or electric under one roof. The Repos Mobile Petrol Pump-Model Beta is a special purpose vehicle meant to show this idea the light of the day. It is capable of distributing fuels in a safe and efficient manner with the help of the latest technology. This is the first time the Model Beta is moving around the cities and approaching those who can make the most of it. The Repos associates will be demonstrating the vehicle to every region of India, exhibiting its potential to the retail petrol pump owners and explaining how they will gain profits from it.

The Flag-off 

It was the 18th of December. After a continuous spell of rain, the Saturday morning sparkled with a glimpse of promise. The whole Repos team went to this stunning IoT campus, decorated like a dream. The candles were lit, marigold threads were tucked in and the rhythm on the Dhol Tasha was on point. The team, high in spirits and with glittering hopes in their eyes, marched towards the huge campus. The passion and the atmosphere that radiated at that moment seeped into our bones with an influx of energy. No one could discuss anything except how this whole campaign might create a change in the world. Motivate others to explore beyond their bounds and channel their unique ideas into a method that will make things possible.

a man flagging off a campaign

At the event, 11 Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps-Model Beta were lined up, all set to spin their wheels and start their adventure through 28 states of India. It was 7:30 in the evening, and after an intensive round of Dhol Tasha and raging our spirits, It was time for the founders to address all of us and explain what the rest of the evening would look like.

 It was now time to hoist the flag and signal to the world that it’s time for change to expand its wings and look beyond the conventional. With enormous enthusiasm, followed by cheering from the team and the official song of Repos, “Hai Sab Mumkin” playing in the background, the 11 RPPs were signaled off to their different destinations. The glorious fireworks and confetti waved them farewell in the most exciting manner.

To pray for the well being of the colleagues who will be with the RMPP (Repos Mobile Petrol Pump) demonstrating it in the different regions, we all sat quietly. We meditated and dedicated all our efforts to a single purpose of wishing for their wellness in these days of the campaign. They have to survive all the crossroads that may be hurled at them in these 45 days with courage and a smiling face. To mention a few, navigating rough terrains, being apart from family and loved ones, unforeseen challenges, and the overall pain of being away from home during holidays. For those of us who are left behind and will get to spend these days with our loved ones, it is our responsibility to pray for their health and happiness.

Lastly, the evening formed a complete circle with a delicious dinner prepared for the whole team of Repos. The meal was topped with a dessert that foodie daydreams are made of. The team returned to their homes from Chakan with hearts brimming with pride and eyes glittering with hope.

Before we wind up

Repos, which now feels like a family of 500 members, was started with two individuals exploring their business concept in a coffee shop. An idea that initially began with a piece of land is today the world’s largest IoT Campus, a hub for innovation supported by technology. With one city in mind, Repos started its mission of revamping the fuel distribution system, but now it has proved its presence in 188+ cities. Thus, “It’s not only about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” – Belsky Scott

Repos has witnessed many upheavals, but for the founders, all these speed bumps when combined, form their dream, which they live every day. They believe that events like the Energy Startup Summit, ‘Make It Possible’ campaign, and a team that leaves no stone unturned in getting the job done have deterred these speed bumps.