She is the story of persistence. She is the story of how a yes can change your life.

We often meet people driven by their aspirations. They are relentless in their pursuit of greatness.

The person in question is one of them. Nupur Sinha is synonymous with hard work. 

She is the quiet sailor of the Zen club who traverses through the dark waters of life and comes out as a winner every day. 

When she joined the Zen club, she didn’t expect how life-changing Zen club would turn out to be. 

As the day passed it grew to be more than the regular kriyas but something that helped gain semblance every passing day.

Her ambitions were always broader than herself, so it was no surprise when she disclosed that her greatest life wish was to live near the sea. She had always wanted to construct a house near the water.

But in the rush of life, she never thought of her dream materializing into something.

She went about her life, occasionally peeking at her ideal house until something occurred one day. One sunny day, her uncle, who owned land near the shore, contacted her.

He informed her that he would be selling it, something she was not anticipating.

She didn’t have the money, but she believed in the power of yes. And she just said yes.

She struggled and persevered but to no avail. But she was resilient in her belief, and life rewarded her.

The uncle phoned again and told her that he didn’t need the money right now and that she could send it to him in installments.

Everything fell into place magically, and her dream became a reality.

Among the many stories I’ve heard, Nupur’s story struck a chord with me. Her story compelled me to take my ambitions seriously and pursue them with the same tenacity and zeal.

Her story demonstrates how your life may change if you strive and let it unfold.