Up to 15% of diesel assets run out of diesel every day. 

Typical diesel contains moisture and contaminants, which can cause your diesel assets to break down sooner than otherwise. 

Businesses lose 5% of their total diesel in procurement and distribution. 

Are you familiar with these operational issues? Are you tired of such inefficiencies and uncertainties that come with managing diesel operations? 

You are not the only business longing for a solution that brings clarity, accuracy, and efficiency to every drop of diesel used in your business. 

DATUM – Diesel Analytics has been designed to address all of the aforementioned problems. It redefines the way you handle your diesel operations, from procurement to distribution to payments. Let’s dive deeper!

Gift your business the power of diesel technology

DATUM – Diesel Analytics works through a unique combination of hardware (DATUM) and software (Data) technology to empower businesses to take control of their diesel operations. 

By integrating with your diesel fleet, DATUM streamlines the entire diesel supply chain. It gives you 99.9% accurate diesel data about procurement, allocation, and consumption, and lets you make business decisions like never before. 

DATUM helps you do three things right off the bat: digitalize, synchronize, and automate. 

Digitalize your diesel supply chain

DATUM reduces your reliance on verbal agreements for accountability. With Repos’ user-friendly app, you can see in real-time how your DATUM streamlines your diesel supply chain – from order management to payments. 

This allows you to eliminate errors and uncertainties associated with manual and offline processes, which can’t be tracked.

Synchronize for seamless operations

To have all your data in one place, you need information on all your assets in one place. For this reason, DATUM connects with and acts as a centralized point of contact for your diesel fleet, including your vehicles, equipment, and DG sets, to give you data on the consumption of each asset individually. 

Now, you can identify and eliminate gaps in your diesel operations and derive your own insights from actionable data at a finger’s click. This diesel technology ensures no aspect of your diesel operations is left to chance.

Automate for unmatched efficiency

DATUM empowers you to never worry about diesel procurement, tracking, consumption, or payments again. With real-time diesel data at your fingertips, you can refill your inventory before running out, at a time of your convenience. 

You can also prevent productivity and time loss caused due to fuel unavailability. Repos offers 100% fulfilment for every order, so you never run out of diesel as well as save time by choosing faster refuelling.

To streamline your diesel procurement process further, you can manage your payments online – whether paying through credit or debit cards.  

DATUM – Diesel Analytics truly gives you everything on one screen!

How DATUM – Diesel Analytics works

The journey of making your diesel operations more efficient starts with installing an invincible storage solution at your site of operations. DATUM is a secure and accurate hardware technology that offers IoT-enabled diesel management. It works as a foundation for building your diesel infrastructure and is compatible with any type of site as well as fleet size.

Automated your diesel dispensing

How many man-hours do you spend on getting diesel from the supplier to the barrel and then from the barrels to each asset? How much diesel do you spill when transferring it from the barrels to vehicles and machines? What if you could prevent spillage and the burning of those productive hours for good?

With DATUM’s ecosystem, you not only enjoy doorstep diesel delivery but also zero leakages in your entire operations. All you have to do is place your diesel orders on the Repos app and relax while a mobile petrol pump fulfils your order via an OTP-enabled tank. 

Your delivery address is geo-fenced each time you place an order. This means that the diesel can only be dispensed when it is within the exact delivery location after you authorize it with the “Start OTP” received on your phone. 

After the mobile petrol pump refills your DATUM, you can confirm the delivery with the “End OTP” received on your phone. To transfer this diesel to your fleet, you can make use of the PESO-certified dispensing unit attached to DATUM.  

Equipped with the auto-cut-off technology, DATUM’s dispensing unit is 99.9% accurate and ensures each of your assets receives the precise amount of diesel required, eliminating loss and errors. No spillage or wastage!

Real-time insights

DATUM uses an Auto Tank Gauging (ATG) sensor to provide you with real-time diesel analytics on your diesel levels. Every time you dispense diesel using DATUM, you receive accurate details of your assets’ fuel consumption. This helps you measure the performance and output of each asset against the fuel investment you make toward it. 

Centralized dashboard for data access

DATUM – Diesel Analytics is the only diesel technology that generates data on its own. You don’t need to manually input data to get timely reports. 

Thanks to a secure cloud system, all the data gathered by DATUM is accessible through a centralized dashboard. This diesel data can be accessed anytime, anywhere, via the Repos app. No more need for manual inputs!

Zero manual intervention

As mentioned above, DATUM – Diesel Analytics works independently. You don’t need to employ manual labour to procure, distribute, or track diesel. You can monitor diesel levels through the app, order diesel with Repos’ just-in-time doorstep delivery, and ensure precise refuelling. 

With this level of zero human intervention, errors are reduced to 0.1%. That’s an unmatched level of accuracy and efficiency in your diesel operations. 

So, it is no surprise that DATUM – Diesel Analytics is trusted by industry leaders. At the forefront of modern diesel management, DATUM has earned the trust of 300+ businesses you know. And you can join them, too!

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