Doorstep diesel delivery is a modern method that is revolutionising the fuel business. It is designed to bring the petrol pump experience right to the customer’s doorstep. However, to carry out something as complex as moving a petrol pump from one location to the other, we need innovative tools that provide efficiency, convenience and peace of mind. This is where Repos comes into the picture. 


As the market leader of mobile petrol pumps, we have a PAN India presence in over 180 cities! Online diesel orders are placed and delivered through an easy-to-use mobile application, thus bridging the gap between the supply and demand for fuel. The Repos Mobile Petrol Pump is a technological marvel that runs on Internet of Things technology, making it a safe and reliable option for diesel delivery across the country.


Browse through some of the key features of the PESO-approved Repos Mobile Petrol Pump and get to know how they benefit you: 

DOUBLE DISPENSING UNITS- Repos mobile petrol pump has dispensing units on both sides of the vehicle, increasing its efficiency. With double dispensing units, one does not have to worry about positioning the vehicle in a specific direction while filling assets. 

POWER TAKEOFF UNIT-  This tool ensures safety and prevents accidents as the vehicle derives power from the engine while dispensing diesel. 

SMART FUEL SENSORS- Gives the Repos Mobile Petrol Pump operator correct and real-time data about accurate diesel levels in the vehicle. This way they know exactly when to go for a refill and avoid any delay in diesel delivery . 

BRAKE INTERLOCK MECHANISM- It ensures that the brakes are automatically applied when the nozzle is lifted. This ensures against spillages and accidents while diesel is being dispensed.

REMOTE THROTTLE- It ensures that the dispensing unit that runs on the vehicle engine dispenses accurate diesel quantities.

INTELLIGENT GEO FENCING- It allows diesel to be dispensed only within order radius using OTP verification. This ensures that nobody other than the customer who placed the order can take the diesel that is due to be dispensed. 

EASY-TO-USE APPLICATION- Allows customers to order diesel easily from anywhere in the world. They also get a dashboard of all their previous consumption on the same application which allows them to correctly predict future requirements and place repeated orders quickly. 

What does the Repos App do?

  • Allows buyers to place diesel orders conveniently 
  • Allows buyers to track their diesel order in real time. 
  • Allows diesel dispensing only after OTP-verification
  • Allows buyers to see order history on the app dashboard. 


Currently, Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps are available in two variants, Model Alpha and Model Beta. These models suit varied needs and a potential owner can go for it after deciding which model would be best suited to their business vision. While some might want to deliver bulk orders to fewer customers, others may want to cater to many  small ticket buyers. Whatever be the model, these vehicles are robust tools that deliver what they promise: exponential business growth

See how these two models compare to each other:

Repos Model Alpha: 

  • Available in 4000 and 6000 litre capacity 
  • Delivers bigger diesel order quantities (1000 Litres and above)
  • Cost of a vehicle starts from 22 lacs.
  • Can be filled directly at OMC depots.
  • Has to be refilled less frequently due to a larger size.
  • Suitable for industrial areas where there are bulk-diesel requirements.

Repos Model Beta: 

  • Available in 3000 litre capacity
  • Delivers relatively smaller diesel order quantities (100-1000 Litres)
  • Cost of the vehicle starts from 17 lakhs. 
  • Can be filled at any fuel station that has a gantry.
  • Can be refilled quickly and frequently due to its compact nature. 
  • Suitable for city areas where smaller diesel quantities may be needed.

Once the customer makes the choice, Repos takes care of rest. All customers can choose from a large number of buyers on the Repos platform to deliver diesel to clients in their vicinity. 


The Repos Mobile Petrol Pump is a technological tool that is here to revolutionise the way energy is distributed across the world. Today it is diesel but tomorrow it will be all other forms of energy like gas and electric. In all these transitions to come, one thing will remain the same, and that is Repos’s commitment to take the world towards a carbon-light future with the use of the latest technology. 

Come join the revolution!