When we were contemplating the next face for the second episode of the #HauslaJunoonStory, our train of thought was cheerfully interrupted by a happy voice, and we were greeted by a vivacious face at our table offering sweets. When we asked what the occasion was, he simply said that we shouldn’t always need a reason to eat dessert. Our team immediately knew whose #HauslaJunoonStory we should highlight next. 

Meet Kiran Dale, Repos’s recently promoted Business Partner, who, if you didn’t know better, you might have mistaken for any other employee. He doesn’t get bothered about his position at Repos and treats everyone in this workplace equally. 

“Life has been extremely kind to me, even if there were many crossroads that might have knocked me over, but I thank God for always giving me the confidence to survive these difficult times without many glitches,” chuckled Kiran Sir. While I was still in school, I worked in garages, went to tiny workshops, and even served as an apprentice in carpenter shops. I have done several odd jobs while I was still in school. I intended to save every penny so that I could fulfil my dream of becoming an engineer. ” 

When asked how he ended up in this line of work, he sighed somewhat and kind of revisited the time when he found machinery and special-purpose vehicles to be fascinating. He remembered how he used to wait in factories and warehouses for hours just to watch such machines get made. He joined a machine manufacturing company after completing engineering school in Maharashtra, which allowed him to visit the length and breadth of the country and gain experience. “My job as a product engineer has taken me not only across the country but also to several countries in the Middle East and parts of Europe, allowing me to explore innovation in multiple ways,” said Kiran Sir. 

“I was about to try out new opportunities outside India when I was approached about the whole idea of changing fuel distribution in India. Repos happened at a significant time in my career, just as I was ready to take a leap and travel the world.”

“I became intrigued by the concept of replacing the conventional fuel procurement process with mobile energy distribution utilising special-purpose vehicles, and I haven’t looked back since. The excitement of creating a product from scratch and making it possible for everyone to make use of its features and benefits was similar to the joy of a child who has just received a new toy.”

“Repos Mobile Petrol Pump and DATUM are two products that I witnessed from conception to completion in front of my eyes, and seeing them in the headlines for all the right reasons makes my heart swell in pride.” 

With a National Award earlier this year, Repos crossed off the first milestone, but my dream is to push our ideas to a worldwide scale so that everyone can see them and be in awe of them.

As we rose from our chairs to conclude the meeting, he joked “Do I look good in the pictures that you just took of me for the #HauslaJunoonStory? I have a love-hate relationship with the camera, I may look like Shahrukh Khan in real life but the camera makes me look like his first copy”

We all started laughing heartily, and he soon joined us in our amusement.