Almost 85% of national diesel consumption goes into some kind of industry or commercial activity. Unfortunately, the conventional method of physically procuring diesel from petrol pumps is inefficient and costly. Businesses suffer from dead mileage, spillage losses, and pilferage, leading to significant financial losses.

Moreover, the manual handling of fuel at consumption sites results in inaccurate tracking and monitoring of fuel consumption, hindering businesses from making informed decisions and accurate accounting. With fuel costs accounting for a substantial portion of operational expenses, this lack of visibility is detrimental to overall business performance.

To address these challenges, Repos has pioneered the Fuel- Tech industry by developing an end-to-end ecosystem comprising technology, services, and products to streamline fuel procurement and distribution operations.

🚀 How Repos Solves the Problem:

Repos has introduced DATUM (Data Automated Teller Ultimate Machine), a revolutionary onsite fuel dispensing solution. DATUM acts as a mini petrol pump for businesses, offering safe and secure fuel storage along with IoT integration for features like authorized dispensing.

With DATUM, operators can place fuel orders via a mobile app, which are then approved by managers or owners before dispensing. This remote control feature ensures efficient fuel management from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all fuel transactions, including sub-asset consumption, are recorded in real-time on the mobile app dashboard, providing businesses with comprehensive visibility and control over fuel usage.

When fuel levels deplete, users can place fuel delivery orders through the app, and a Repos Fuel Station (Mobile Petrol Pump) promptly refills the DATUM onsite. Every transaction is seamlessly tracked on the app dashboard, empowering businesses with actionable fuel analytics to optimize usage and reduce costs.

🌟 Benefits of Repos Fuel-Tech:

  • Significant savings on fuel costs
  • Enhanced visibility and control over fuel procurement and consumption
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of fuel transactions
  • Data-driven insights for informed decision-making
  • Contribution towards a carbon-neutral future through judicious fuel usage

Repos Fuel-Tech has not only revolutionized fuel procurement and management but also paved the way for a sustainable and efficient approach to fuel consumption. With Repos, achieving cost savings and environmental sustainability is now a possibility! 🌱✨