The biggest air-pollutant among the many that are ejected in the form of vehicular exhaust is Carbon. The world is slowly gearing towards the usage of biofuels that cut out emission. However, the transition will not be immediate and until it happens, it is up to us to use fossil fuels responsibly. One of the ways in which we can do that is by reducing the wastage of fuel. Bad roads, traffic jams and idling at traffic signs are some ways in which fuel gets wasted. Although these are the ways that are frequently highlighted, dead mileage gets swept under the rug because people are unaware of alternatives.

Dead mileage as a concept is as harmful and morbid as it sounds. Suppose you want a hundred rupees from a friend and they are only able to pay via cash. There is no alternative form of fund transfer. If you want the money urgently, you will have to travel to your friend’s house and get it. In doing so, you spend money on public transport or on fuel for your own vehicle. If you end up spending fifty rupees on transportation, which is half of what you had set out to add to your wallet, isn’t it a waste? Dead mileage is exactly this kind of waste but it has to do with the burning of energy. An example of dead mileage is the fuel burnt by an auto rickshaw that has to travel for a while before landing the first customer.

There are many sectors that use fuel in bulk. Generator sets in housing complexes, hospitals, malls, hotels and factories that use heavy machinery etc. rely on diesel to keep running. These assets cannot travel to the petrol pump. Tankers that deliver fuel are highly unsafe and prone to adulteration and pilferage. If a truck mounted with barrels is sent to the petrol pump, it is burning fuel needlessly.  Fuel lost on a vehicle that is on its way to procure fuel in bulk is one of the major causes dead mileage.

Just like applications that enable online money transfer keep you out of situations like the one mentioned above, a safe and secure Doorstep Diesel Delivery service can bring diesel to your doorstep without you having to travel to the petrol pump. It is a revolutionary technique where the petrol pump that is equipped with the latest technology and can travel on wheels to your doorstep. All you have to do is make a booking on a simple, easy-to-use mobile application.

This service is designed to relieve the burden of carbon emission on the environment by completely cutting out dead mileage. Mobile petrol pumps spread over the country will service customers in their vicinity the same way cars and auto rickshaws on transportation apps like Uber and Ola cater to travellers near them, thus getting rid of dead mileage.

Furthermore, fuel transported in tankers, barrels or jerry cans is often adulterated and there is no way to check for quality. Adulterated fuel releases harmful particulate matter thereby adding more pollutants to the air. Mobile petrol pumps are equipped with devices that check quality and quantity of fuel and make sure that it is of the right density.

These are only some of the ways in which you can help the environment by opting for this nature-friendly way of procuring fuel in the future. Doorstep Diesel Delivery is sure to change the face of fuel consumption and transportation in India and create a green impact on a massive scale.