In this world of infinite possibilities, we sometimes struggle with self-doubt. Self-doubt, so crippling that it becomes a burden to exist. But as humans, we always look for the light—the light that acts as a guiding torch that helps us never lose focus.

Repos, an ecosystem of ideas, was started with a vision to change India’s energy distribution. We understood that the world needed to move towards a carbon light future. We planned on achieving it by bridging the gap between supply and demand for energy.

Our goal was to bring all fuels, be it liquid, gas or electric, under one roof and make them available to the end-users with a single click on the phone. We planned to achieve this by using technologically advanced, special mobility vehicles and trying to make the impossible possible. We persevered and never lost hope. 

Our desire to ensure that the world should never run out of energy is something we are constantly chasing.

Our organisation is run by humans so our desire to help them realise their dreams was also essential for us. 

The chain could not just end at Repos; it had just begun. Our understanding of how the world revolved around energy was necessary to be shared with the world.

We believed in the power of saying yes. We believed in the power of infinite possibilities.

‘Make it possible’ is a campaign launched by the dreamers to share our vision and understand how your relentless passion can take you to places you couldn’t even imagine.

But what is a body without its soul, and that is when Hai Sab Mumkin came to life.

Birth of Hai Sab Mumkin

Hai Sab Mumkin, the first song of Repos, is a 2-minute journey that celebrates possibility and the essence of everything known as hope.

It was an ode to everyone who has dreams backed with passion and desire to change the world.

When we decided to make an anthem celebrating dreamers, we had no clue how to go about it.

All we knew was that it should have the power to help people.

We started ideating and discussing our song’s vision, but nothing seemed to be working.

With a fresh slate, we started again and churned out some words of hope and perseverance.

Naye savere ki kirne,      

Fayli charo aur hai

Sapno ko ab palne do,

Bajuo me ab jor hai

The song’s significance

The first part of our song talks about how every day is a possibility, and if you are searching for it, you can find it everywhere. Let your dreams blossom because everything needed for them to prosper is within you.

With the first four lines, the mood for the song was set, and then it began to flow freely. The words poured as quickly as our determination to make a difference in the world.

Once the lyrics were finalised, work on the background score began. We needed something regal that captured the magnitude of our intent behind the song.

Raviraj Kale came on board as the chief composer for this song. He was the architect of putting together the music of the track.

Sumit Deshmukh, our in-house writer, a poet, was the mastermind behind the words that incited hope in everyone, and Jaideep Vaidya’s voice brought everything together. 

When the song was introduced to a few people, we remember there were only hushed whispers and goosebumps in the room, which was a testament that the song was ready.

Our Message 

When you listen to the song, we hope it incites a feeling of possibility & passion, and helps you understand your capacity to bring about a change in this world.

We want to assist people in developing a worldview in which anything is possible for them.

You can achieve everything you set your mind to. The constraints imposed by the world do not limit you but rather urge you to break free and dare you to say yes.

This song celebrates the spirit that will power that unwavering passion that fires inside you but requires the right push.

Like the lyrics go 

Sir uthao

Kadam badhao

Ab socho toh hai sab mumkin

Hai Sab Mumkin has one powerful message for everyone struggling out there which is whatever your mind can conceive, you can achieve; you just have to believe in yourself.