Fuel is crucial for powering industries, transportation, and daily life, driving economic growth and enabling modern civilization’s functionality. However, regardless of company size, many businesses struggle with efficient fuel management. Kalinga Commercial Corporation Limited is one such organization. The company specializes in mining, logistics, infrastructure development, and transportation services. 

Vipul Mishra, the Business Head of Kalinga Commercial Corporation Limited, one of India’s mining giants, boldly declared,

“Fuel is peace for us, and we don’t like to play with peace.”

Yet, several troubling issues have emerged, threatening to disturb that peace. 

Challenges in Fuel Management 

Discovering Repos Fuel DATUM

That’s when they discovered Repos Fuel DATUM (RFD). The Repos Fuel DATUM is a one-stop solution for all fuel-related challenges faced by companies like Kalinga. RFD tackles everything from fuel procurement and on-site fuel management to complex fuel data issues, addressing these challenges head-on. 

Transformation with Repos Fuel DATUM 

After installing the Repos Fuel DATUM, the fuel-related challenges Kalinga was facing ended. Previously, fuel delivery to remote mining sites was time-consuming and inefficient, leading to significant operational delays. Now, with Repos Fuel DATUM, there is 24/7 availability of fuel on-site. 

Achieving Peace of Mind 

With Repos Fuel DATUM, Kalinga successfully achieved their goal of maintaining a fuel flow rate exceeding 96%. This consistent and efficient fuel management not only minimized wastage but also optimized their overall operations, resulting in smoother workflows. 

A New Standard in Fuel Management 

Hundreds of businesses like Kalinga are now refueling 10,000 assets daily and optimizing their diesel operations with Repos Fuel DATUM. This innovative solution has set a new standard in fuel management, offering other companies the chance to streamline operations, reduce costs, and achieve greater efficiency.