In Hinjewadi, Pune, 27-year-old Vinod Ghadge, owner of an RMC plant, faced constant hassles with fuel procurement, from long hours wasted to theft and pilferage.

Vinod Ghadge at his RMC Plant in Hinjewadi, Pune

Vipul Mishra, head of India’s largest mining company, Kalinga Commercial Corporation Limited, managed over 2000 remote sites with similar fuel logistics nightmares.

Mining dump trucks transporting Platinum ore for processing at a mining site in India.

This changed on May 29th, 2019, when the Indian Parliament passed a bill allowing doorstep delivery of diesel, following a pivotal tweet by then Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

This bill opened the door to a $500 billion industry, setting the stage for innovative solutions.

Repos Fuel Stations seen at Repos IoT Plant in Chakan, Pune

Forbes, in a 2024 article, highlighted this growing mobile fuel delivery industry, likening its transformative potential to that of Uber and Swiggy.

Forbes estimated that this industry is poised to significantly impact the $500 billion retail gas market.

Aditi and Chetan Walunj founded Repos in 2017, with a vision to transform the fuel distribution.

At the forefront of this revolution is Repos, a company that has seamlessly integrated advanced technology to make fuel delivery as effortless as tapping an app.

This transformation benefits businesses of all sizes, from small small business onwers to large enterprises.

For business owners like Vinod and Vipul, mobile fuel delivery has been a game-changer. They enjoy 24/7 fuel delivery services, ensuring smooth operations without fuel shortages. Safe and secured storage and accurate fuel usage data means increased efficiency, productivity, time savings and complete peace of mind.

With over 2,000 partners, Repos has delivered several million liters of fuel directly to doorsteps.

With Repos, this change happens one drop at a time, fueling the dreams and ambitions of businesses across India and beyond. This is not just about fueling machinery; it’s about fuelling possibilities, driving economic growth, and empowering industries to reach new heights.

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