“Internet – A Boon or a Curse?” was the one constant essay topic that appeared for my SSC board exams as well as my HSC board exams, and till today the question stands tall. Like many of you, I too had a well-arranged and well-rehearsed set which I would write whenever asked for and I would always wrap up diplomatically as, 

“For a few, it is a curse and others a boon!” 

The Internet has proven to be a boon and that too a bounteous one for me. 

I have been a fan of landscape paintings and only a few months ago I found a painter, whose art clicks on a personal degree with me. I believe it is the set of colors that the painter uses. Thanks to the internet and his own mobile application, I could easily look at all the art pieces and the transaction couldn’t be any easier and secure.

Looking at that painting which I have very lovingly hung over my study table, I feel grateful for the Internet and the concept of deliveries! Could you imagine getting all these beautiful things from across the country with the least hassle, if not for the concept of digital deliveries? 

If only a painting can add so much to my life, the people who are operating businesses, whether on a large or a small scale, who are saved from the hassles and unnecessary struggles of diesel procurement must be blessing the internet and technology every day, I assume.

For the people who are looking for diesel refill for their DG sets too, the Doorstep Diesel Delivery provides optimum convenience against the troubles of diesel procurement like pilferage, dead mileage, insecure transactions, and monetary loss.

The process of diesel procurement has become as easy as downloading the Repos Mobile application, updating some basic information about your location, your asset, and your company name; selecting the nearest deliverer, and securely completing the transaction.

You can conveniently relax at your location while checking the location of your diesel as it makes it’s way to you! 

The internet and its wonders, isn’t it?

While we thought some things would never be easier in life, we now know for sure that diesel and art procurement is!