Fuel is an essential requirement for construction sites, whether it is for operating heavy machinery or powering generators. Fuel management is an essential aspect of construction site management, and efficient fuel management can lead to significant cost savings. However, managing fuel can be challenging for construction site owners and builders, especially when the construction site is in remote areas. This is where DATUM comes in as a game-changer in the fuel management industry.


DATUM is India’s first diesel ATM, which provides on-demand fuel at construction sites, mining sites, and transport hubs. The machine is equipped with advanced technology that ensures secure storage and dispensing accuracy. The machine can store up to 6,000 litres of fuel and can dispense it 24/7, making it a reliable source of fuel for construction sites.


Construction site managers and builders often face challenges in managing fuel, such as fuel theft,  fuel wastage and no-standard fuel measurements, which don’t allow forecasting for procurement. DATUM addresses these challenges and streamlines the fuel management process. The machine is equipped with a fuel management system that provides real-time data on fuel consumption, ensuring accurate fuel measurements and reducing the risk of fuel theft. The data can be accessed through a mobile app, allowing construction site managers to monitor fuel consumption and order fuel on demand.


One of the significant advantages of DATUM is its ability to provide fuel in remote areas. Construction sites located in remote areas often face challenges in getting fuel supply, which can cause delays in construction work. DATUM solves this problem by providing on-demand fuel delivery, eliminating the need for construction site managers to travel long distances to get fuel.


DATUM has also been beneficial in reducing the environmental impact of construction sites. Construction sites are known to be significant sources of pollution, and using diesel-powered machinery contributes to air pollution. With DATUM, the amount of fuel wasted due to spills and evaporation is significantly reduced, reducing carbon emissions.


Imagine, as a construction site manager, you’re facing a significant delay in construction work due to a fuel shortage. You have to stop your work till your vehicles procure the required amount of fuel. But if you have DATUM, you’ll have 24/7 fuel access on site, allowing work to continue without any delay. Or consider a mining company that needs to operate heavy machinery in a remote location. With DATUM, the company can have a reliable source of fuel without having to transport it from a distant location, saving so much on procurement costs.


In conclusion, DATUM’s role in streamlining fuel management for construction sites cannot be overstated. The machine provides on-site fuel, accurate measurements, and real-time data on fuel consumption, reducing the risk of fuel theft and ensuring cost savings for construction site managers. Its ability to provide fuel in remote areas and reduce environmental impact makes it a game-changer in the fuel management industry. Construction site managers and builders can benefit from using DATUM, leading to efficient fuel management and timely completion of construction work.