Imagine a life where your everyday chores are automated! All you have to do is push a button and sit back and relax in a recliner while looking over how the job is done without any difficulty. You get up and look around to find that the work is done to the T with maximum precision and no errors. It seems like a faraway fantasy, right? Well, for specific instances, it can be as genuine as it could be.

Any task that looks to be a tough nut to crack demands our whole focus, knowledge and energy. It may be as difficult as getting a perfect grade in mathematics or beginning a devoted week at the gym. However, a single lack of enthusiasm may put the endeavour to a halt. We don’t always seek that stop; sometimes, it’s due to a lack of energy while other times it is due to wrong information about the target you are attempting to reach. Similarly, what happens if the data you require to measure your fuel usage is misquoted or erroneous? You go down only to discover that the DG set has run out of fuel, while you thought that the diesel tanker was full. The guest you’ve been waiting to welcome into your hotel arrives at that exact hour, or the last batch of your manufacturing unit stops operating, or your agricultural equipment stops working. Such are the scariest concerns that may come true if you don’t have access to data or a record of when the diesel level lowers after frequent usage. 

The DATUM may be your knight in shining armour in such cases.

What is DATUM?

DATUM (Data Automated Teller Ultimate Machine) is a technology tool that will help customers make smarter business decisions. It provides owners with real-time data on the availability, quality, quantity, and usage of fuel, thereby offering them complete control over their fuel procurement and management. It’s a mix of software and technology that enables it to function with a simple mobile app. Now get access to indispensable diesel management data to stay prepared and handle emergencies and ensure that your operation does not come to a stop unexpectedly. As a result, the buyer is acquiring an environment that supports and benefits the customer’s business, rather than a real product.

Why do we need DATUM?

Previously, business owners had to rely on their employees to get fuel from either far-flung fuel stations or untrustworthy sources. They were also obliged to pay whatever amount was put on a sheet of paper, with no evidence or verification of the quantity or quality of the fuel. Isn’t it hauntingly similar to a scene from a horror movie? DATUM has the ability to change the situation. It offers customers vital information to assist them in making smart fuel management decisions. The  customer’s app dashboard reveals information about the fuel, such as quality, price, quantity, usage, and availability, for the customer’s assessment and peace of mind.

Benefits of DATUM

We provide you with the technologically advanced DATUM, to allow the customer to bring his everyday job of fuel procurement on automation and remove tediousness from the schedule.

The major benefits are:- 

Authorised dispensing

Diesel is only distributed when the DATUM consumer has approved it on their phone’s app screen, ensuring the greatest degree of theft prevention.

Real time tracking of fuel levels –

Fuel levels in DATUM are shown on the customer’s phone app automatically. When the levels begin to run low, an alert is activated indicating to place refill orders using the Repos app, and a Repos Mobile Petrol Pump will arrive to provide on-site refuelling.

Track your overall consumption with DATUM –

Always be aware of the exact amount of diesel being filled into your on-site storage connected to DATUM.

Save big on bills –

Monitoring your fuel expenses and save up to 10% on average each month due to zero fuel loss and detailed usage data.

Assess consumption pattern of sub-assets –

Using DATUM, keep track of the fuel used to operate the sub-assets. Get instant access to consumption information on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Before we wind up

DATUM is the most recent product addition to our portfolio. A fusion of physical precision with digital wonder, owning which the customer can unwind rather than worry about getting fuel from providers he may or may not trust. 

Repos Energy is committed to doing its part for the nation’s economy and companies by reducing all the losses in fuel management. It is offering an efficient and competent Repos Fuel Ecosystem that takes care of the complete fuel cycle for companies, which subsequently provides benefits to the nation’s industry and society at large. 

Wait no longer and book DATUM for your business today!