As Repos Energy celebrates five remarkable years of fueling possibilities, we take a moment to reflect on our journey and the milestones we’ve achieved.

From humble beginnings to becoming a leading name in mobile fuel delivery, our story is one of innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

In 2020, we started with just 1,000 liters of fuel delivery. Fast forward to 2024, and we have achieved an incredible milestone of delivering 18 crore liters.

Our customers have been at the heart of our success. Over the past five years, more than 9 lakh orders have been placed, reflecting the trust and satisfaction of our growing customer base.

Repos Fuel Stations have become a dominant force in the Indian fuel market. Today, 2 out of every 3 mobile fuel stations sold in India are Repos Fuel Stations.

Our growth would not have been possible without our incredible fueling partners across India. From just 32 partners in 2020, we have expanded our network to over 1,803 partners. Their dedication and collaboration have been instrumental in driving our mission forward.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in fuel delivery. We are grateful to our customers, partners, and team members who have been part of this incredible journey. The journey of Repos is far from over, and we are excited to continue fueling possibilities and transforming the energy distribution landscape.