Precision, efficiency, and accuracy are paramount to diesel operations, especially because diesel makes up nearly 20- 40% of many businesses’ operational costs. Safe to say, all of these attributes directly impact your bottom line and operational effectiveness. 

This is where DATUM – Diesel Analytics steps in to offer a host of benefits that revolutionize the way you handle your diesel operations.

DATUM – Diesel Analytics is a unique combination of hardware (DATUM) and software (Data) technology. It is the only diesel technology that allows you to manage your diesel operations from procurement to distribution to payments – all on a single app. 

Designed for all businesses that use diesel belonging to any industry, DATUM – Diesel Analytics can be adapted to suit your site’s operations – regardless of the number of locations and the size of your diesel fleet. 

Centralized visibility: Running multi-site diesel operations made easy

Imagine a dashboard that gives you a panoramic view of all your diesel operations across multiple sites. DATUM empowers you with exactly that – a centralized platform that provides 360° visibility of your multi-site diesel operations. 

You don’t have to juggle between spreadsheets or manual records. With DATUM – Diesel Analytics, you can simplify running multi-site operations and make informed decisions swiftly and confidently.

99.9% accuracy in diesel data: Eliminate human errors, increase efficiency

The age of manual data entry is giving way to automation, and DATUM is leading the charge. This diesel technology boasts self-data-generating technology. No manual inputs ensure a 0.1% chance of error in your diesel data. 

This also means that you can almost completely eliminate operational costs associated with human errors from your diesel procurement and distribution. 

Minimal downtime: Anticipate inventory demands 24×7

Downtime in operations can be a significant roadblock for businesses. DATUM addresses this challenge head-on. Equipped with real-time diesel data at your disposal, you can anticipate inventory demands around the clock. Simply head to the dashboard to access this information and minimize interruptions in your operations caused due to fuel unavailability.

Quality and quantity assurance: Protecting your equipment

The quality and quantity of diesel have a direct impact on your equipment’s performance and your fleet’s overall life expectancy. Poor quality or incorrect quantities of diesel can lead to equipment damage, downtimes, and increased costs. 

DATUM ensures that you never have to worry about running your diesel fleet with low fuel levels or even poor-quality of diesel. You can check the quality and quantity of your diesel at delivery to safeguard your equipment and maintain a healthy bottom line.

Versatility across industries: DATUM – Diesel Analytics suits every business using diesel

The beauty of DATUM – Diesel Analytics lies in its ability to adapt to your on-ground operational needs. It caters to a diverse range of industries that rely on diesel operations for their success. Whether you’re a business operating in the transport, real estate, infrastructure, manufacturing, mining, education, healthcare, or IT industries, DATUM’s benefits extend to all. 

It does not matter if your fleet has 300 or 3000 assets or even how many locations your operations expand to, DATUM’s versatility ensures that businesses of all kinds can harness the power of diesel analytics.

Safe diesel operations

DATUM – Diesel Analytics’ credibility is further underscored by the Government of India. Approved by the Government of India and certified by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO), DATUM adheres to the highest standards of safety and reliability. Its patented technology sets it apart as a cutting-edge solution that’s truly ahead of its time.

Reliability brought by a network of trusted 2000+ mobile petrol pumps

DATUM – Diesel Analytics is not just a technology; it’s part of a comprehensive ecosystem. It operates with a strong and reliable network of 2000+ mobile petrol pumps across India, making the fuel procurement process seamless and just in time for your business. DATUM’s ecosystem ensures your operations never suffer due to fuel shortages.

Transform your diesel operations, transform your business

Today, efficiency and accuracy are non-negotiable in all avenues of business. DATUM – Diesel Analytics is a beacon of innovation, simplifying and optimizing diesel operations for businesses across all industries.

300+ businesses you know have already experienced the benefits of DATUM – Diesel Analytics and witnessed the transformation it brings to diesel operations – sustainably. 

Get in touch with us to fuel your business with DATUM – Diesel Analytics and embrace a new era of diesel management excellence.