Famous inventor of the iridescent light bulb, Thomas Alva Edison, once said, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” This is indeed one of the truths that govern the universe. How would humankind progress if we didn’t have innovations and all ideas died where they were born? Ultimately, ideas are the seeds that lead to better quality of life over time. 

Such an Idea came to the founders of Repos Energy who thought of redefining the energy distribution system of India and the globe by delivering diesel at doorstep in an organised and safe manner. The vision behind this idea was to move the world towards a carbon light future while generating gainful employment for the citizens of India. When they shared this idea with industry experts after gathering massive amounts of research data, they were confronted with rejection. After all, there was no concrete government policy at that time, and diesel was still transported in unsafe bowsers that led to humongous losses both to businesses and the environment. This did not deter the founders who went ahead with the idea and started working on pilot projects out of a 2BHK office. However, this was soon to change! In 2019, the Government of India passed the FuelEnt policy which opened up the market for doorstep diesel delivery. 

Orders started pouring in for PESO-approved mobile petrol pumps that made use of groundbreaking IoT technology that brought the fuel station right to the consumers doorstep. However, the unexpected pandemic posed a slump for businesses across the globe, and the story was no different for India as a whole and the oil industry in particular. This wasn’t the end though. It is not often that a person’s professional aspirations align with the vision for the nation. When it happens, it gives birth to exponential socio-economic growth for the country. During the slump, there were motivated individuals across India who were attracted to the idea of starting a doorstep diesel delivery business and helping save the country’s dipping economy. 

One such entrepreneur was Mr. A. Taranath from Bangalore. He was Repos’s first fuel entrepreneur during the Covid pandemic. Taranath had speculated early on that the next five to ten years will see massive changes in the oil and gas industry with supportive government policies coming in. Like many others, he recognises the growth of per day diesel demand in India in the next decade  from 27 crore litres (2019) to 43 crore litres (2029). Our current infrastructure of approximately seventy thousand retail outlets, and rate of growth of this infrastructure is not enough to support the growing demand. The only way to keep growing businesses in India is to bring petrol pumps on wheels while taking care of safety, proper dispensing, and overall savings. 

When he approached Repos, he found end-to-end solutions for his business under one roof. From getting DPIIT certificates to helping him with the logo, motto, and even something as small as business cards, the Startup Launchpad Team at Repos helped him make his mobile petrol pump business-ready. The vehicle was dispatched in nearly 15 days which left him astounded. He was also attracted by the presence of a robust service network across the country which meant that if he ever faced any problems, they would be solved in less than 72 hours. Each mobile petrol pump also creates employment in the form of operators, managers and helpers.

He recommends that this is the best time for young entrepreneurs to invest in the oil and gas industry and Repos is the way to go. In fact the position of Repos as the market leader ensures that both government and private banks offer assistance for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to enter this field. 

Taranath is only one of over 650 fuel entrepreneurs across the country who have built successful businesses with Repos. Repos’s presence spans over 170 cities and is soon to make a mark across the globe. The vision of Repos has been to change the energy distribution system across the globe and create leaders in the process of doing that. After all, great ideas need a great outlet, and what’s better than an amalgamation of experienced industry experts under one roof?