We are sure there must be some questions while in the process of becoming a Fuel Start-Up.
Here are some questions we got you answers to.

What is the requirement to start doorstep diesel delivery as fuel-ent?
You need to first form a Pvt Ltd company with mandatory 2 directors.
Also, get the entity registered as a start-up with DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade).

How can I enroll myself in this process?
After the formation of the DPIIT-registered start-up, you need to apply in the Expression of Interest (EoI) of your choice.
After fair consideration, OMC will allot you a provisional agreement for further process.

Where will the startup buy diesel from?
The start-up will buy diesel from the OMC supply location or from any retail outlet having valid form XIX.

What is the margin per liter on the sale of diesel?
The margin to be earned will be decided by the start-up.
OMC will only be billed for the purchase of fuel from the startup on an EX-MI basis.

Where will I park the mobile fuel dispenser?
The mobile fuel dispenser will be parked at private parking as designated by the start-up.
The start-up needs to follow the SOP laid down by the governing authority.

Who is going to be my probable customers for diesel purchases?
Diesel can be sold to all those consumers who fall in the category of Heavy Vehicles, stationary equipment, DG sets, and agricultural equipment.

Is there any financial assistance provided by banks and other institutions?
Yes, loan facilities are available from various financial institutions.
The amount to be sanctioned varies from person to person.

What will Repos assist me in the formation of my start-up?
Repos are going to assist you in everything.
Right from your start-up formation, EoI filing, Chassis purchase to the assembly of IoT Mobile Petrol Pump.
We will also provide you with an E-commerce platform to connect with your end-users.

What is the initial investment range for setting up this business?
The initial investment will be in the range of 25-30 Lakhs depending on the Mobile Petrol Pump fuel capacity.

Will Repos provide the final license for fuel-ent?
Repos will be assisting you by preparing the entire documentation related to the Mobile Petrol Pump whereas the final submission will be received from the local PESO office in-person by you, the fuelent.

We hope we have solved all your queries!
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