Some incidents in the recent past have pushed me to write this post!

I feel, for once in a lifetime, when an ordinary mind conceives an extraordinary idea, a vision that can benefit the entire human race, we should go all in for it!

More often than not this vision is so unique that other people can’t wrap their heads around it and that’s alright. If the universe has bestowed a vision to you, it will for sure supplement you with provisions to realize it. That is why, if it ever happens to YOU, it will happen for YOU and through YOU, provided YOU eliminate the deficiencies.

One such vision is Repos, an idea that happened to Chetan and I 5 years ago. An idea that spoke to every figment of our imagination and compelled us to act. An idea to make all forms of fuel/energy readily accessible to the last human on this planet ( hopeful soon on other planets too). With this uninterrupted supply of energy, make this world a better place and help everyone become and live as their best versions of themselves. As it was mentioned earlier, ‘it happens through YOU’, we believe that we are just a flute in the creator’s hand which is played by the entire universe and we understand that our role is just to become the best flute ever.

With all this said, now to address the elephant in the room, Why is everyone so obsessed with Work-Life balance? (Below written is strictly my opinion)

Every time Vision, Big dreams, Infinite Possibilities, Zeal and passion is discussed, someone brings up ‘balance’. You come across people questioning, “but what about Work-Life balance?”. Balance can be a tremendous virtue but the truth is that it is often used as an excuse for a lukewarm attitude, akin to docking at a safe harbor, breeding mediocrity and ordaining failure.

We have realized that working at Repos is NOT for everyone and needless to say that nobody is forced at a Gunpoint to work here. Everyone has a choice! And as a founder let me tell you ( some know it by now), this is not just another 9-6 job, there is hardly any ‘work-life balance’ as usually quoted. Yes we dance and celebrate every smallest of the things, Yes we want people to get fully involved in whatever we do as a TEAM and YES, we do a lot of times have meetings after 6pm. But you know, in my opinion, at different phases of life we have different priorities and we should act accordingly. And when we are at a stage when building a monumental career for ourselves is our most important goal, we need to give it our all! When so much is at stake, one should not use ‘balance’ as an excuse to justify half hearted involvement. You see, balance is about living your life to the fullest, not in parts of ‘professional and ‘personal’, just life! 

In our heads, we think of our ‘work’ as the job that we go to or the place we get our pay cheque from. 

No. Your work is the very special thing that you add to this world. Your vision. Your light. Your love. What you share. What you create. How you make people feel all that, my friends, is truly called WORK.

I personally think what we miss is involvement, our full involvement, a supreme level of attention to make your work matter to the world!  Balance is internal. It’s knowing who you are and what you really want! Rather than expecting the outside world to deliver you balance on a plate. And yes, if anything that makes you feel weak, physically, intellectually and spiritually. You always have a choice to change the situation or the place where you are at.

Charles Darwin said “A person who dares to waste One hour of life has not discovered the value of Life”

Everyone has different opinions and everyone has options! So let me throw light on this option called Repos! Yes, we are building something which is not a startup or a corporation but a way which will matter to the world for centuries to come! Our ways of working may be different and not by the books but we know where it is headed! Like someone said we are NOT a street market, we aren’t for everyone! Because we understand that ‘work’ that we do here only leads to a larger impact. 

If, in your understanding, this is just another job, a question of sustenance and survival, I doubt if this will work for you! Because as a founder I know where this rocket is headed. Fuel or no fuel, we will strive to reach higher orbits, do whatever is needed to get things done, staying connected to our roots and producing extraordinary results while striving to become an extraordinary human, each day. Yes we are still a work in progress. Not perfect . 

Everyone who has worked or willing to work here, will have opinions and judgements!

Aaah! I am becoming an expert on how to handle trolls! So platforms where reviews about work culture , balance, and growth are uploaded, we have decided to continue working in our own way because only if you know us, you will know what this is about!  And there is a Choice! Always a choice! And no choice is good or bad. If at this age, if we youngsters (by heart and age), miss to take off, we might build an empire whose foundations rests on excuses and regrets!

Swami Vivekanand once said “ Only those really live who live for others. Rest are more dead than alive”

It’s okay if you do not agree, this is not a validation post! It’s just something very raw and straight from the heart!