It was almost two decades ago that Anand K. Singh completed his MBA from The Symbiosis Business School in Pune. He was offered a well-paying job straight out of college and he found himself at the crossroads of a decision. He belongs to an erstwhile Zamindar family from the Ram Nagar Riyasat, so his family had been constantly engaged in multiple verticals of business that had a direct bearing on the bread and butter of numerous families and welfare. So when the decision had been made Anand K. Singh decided to let go off a very well paying job and chose to go back to his roots in order to serve his own people.

Upon his going back to Chakia, Mughal-Sarai (UP) Anand noticed that people in Chakia had to travel at least 30 km minimum in order to procure fuel for their personal as well as business requirements. This resulted in enormous hassles for the people in the region and there Anand decided to alleviate these suffering of people by venturing in the retail fuel station enterprise. It was 2004 when Formula 1 fuel was started in Chakia and with relentless effort, it became the highest selling retail outlet in the district within 2 years of its inception. Subsequent few years saw the start of a lot of innovative services at this fuel station such as transformation to Xtra care retail outlet with its immaculate quality and quantity measures and exceptional customer service. Text infill initiative was started way before done by oil companies and then oil companies took a leaf out of Formula 1 fuel’s book and started it pan India.

Built on the same purpose and vision few more retail outlets were started in coming years such as Formula 1 NH in 2008 and Leelapur Petro KSK in 2012. All these retail outlets did cater to the customers that faced enormous difficulties in fuel procurement hitherto. These initiatives by Anand Singh fetched him special praise from the state officials.

Now, Formula 1 fuels are all poised to undertake a new innovative an initiative of doorstep delivery of diesel with the help of Repos Energy. With the help of smart ecosystem integrated with latest tech-enabled mobile petrol pumps and smart mobile application developed by Repos Energy, Formula 1 fuels will now cater to all its bulk consumers at their doorstep. This new initiative not only provides a new hassle-free way to consumers for the procurement of diesel but it also helps consumers to make considerable monetary gains by cutting out the losses in the erstwhile fuel procurement systems.

Anand Singh, who is a National level Trap Shooter, painter and an adventurer by nature, was blessed with certain privileges but that is not all that defines him. Perhaps his chosen way of life and work is involved in various NGO’s, agriculture and education are what defines him much better. A way of life that is determined to give back to its people, to work for its people.

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