Colouring my hair was one of the things on my bucket list for quite some time now. It was not to look just to look funky or different from others but I had my own reasons for it.

I come from a typical Bengali Family based in Durgapur(W.B), old fashioned with a liking for sober and non-extravagant things. Going out of the box in thinking or in endeavours was never much appreciated. My family expected me to become a Doctor, though not hell-bent on it that was always the underlying expectation. Consequently, after completing my 12th, I went to Bangalore to undertake my joint entrance exam for bachelors in medicine. In the meanwhile when I came out of Durgapur and travelled around a bit, I came to know more about myself. I had never wanted to be a Doctor or anything remotely close to that. I realized that I like creative things and had developed a keen interest in design. As I dived deeper into the world of design, the more passionate I became for it. I decided to pursue design and obviously bringing my family on board with this decision was a task. I was still away from Home in Bangalore when I coloured my hair for the first time and naturally, my Family wasn’t too happy about it. I was the person who saw the World in terms of design and colours, I wasn’t just passionate about it but I was fascinated by it and my hair colour was a very peculiar expression of an Idea or a story. With my design education over time, my family learnt something new every single day. In the journey that followed, the most fulfilling experience for me was to introduce my family to the World of design and watching them understand it more and more.

In the current times when we talk about concepts like “Generation-Gaps”, it is indeed wonderful to see our older generation not only endorsing these modern concepts but actively promoting it. Like in my story, at times it also manifests into something memorable, like my father himself choosing a hair colour for me the next time I went Home!
P.S – Shayantan Choudhary is a designer, currently interning at Repos Energy and he is loving his freedom here!

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