If you were to imagine a superhero movie scenario, what would you imagine? Daunting circumstances, a super vile villain, people suffering through pain and then a superhero that shall emancipate all and restore the peace in lives!

The aftermath of the super cyclone “Fani” was no less than a superhero movie script. When the “Fani” hit the state of Odisha recently, it left behind a trail of destruction while displacing millions of people. Tormenting cities it tossed up many homes up in the air and rendered thousands homeless. People were suffering; there were chaos and destruction all around. This was the time when superheroes were most needed to restore lives back to normalcy and yes, they arrived! Along with others, there was a superhero, different in its form and function but a superhero nevertheless in the given circumstances. That unsung superhero was a ‘Bowser ( Mobile petrol pump)’.

When life, in the aftermath of the cyclone ”Fani” had come to a standstill, people suffered their bad fortune. All the essential public services faltered, transportation services stopped, telecommunication collapsed. In this precarious scenario, Bowsers fuelled the vehicles and helped in resuming these services. It fuelled Jettis that rescued people and it fuelled other vehicles that restored the emergency services for people.

Very seldom it happens that one single vehicle going around can save so many lives, a superheroic effort! The Indian Oil Corporation Limited( IOCL) played the vital role of commissioning these Mobile petrol pumps to serve in the times of need and for that it rightfully deserves all the praises. IOCL, in this scenario, has been what Jarvis is to The Iron Man and what Alfred has been to The Batman.

Perhaps, the best thing a machine can do is not just make human lives easier but in fact, save human lives!

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